Top 5 Government Websites for Identity Theft Resources

The US government has a number of websites which cover the subject of identity theft. In this article we will look at a few of them which can help you fight identity theft and give you any information you may be requiring in this area or lead you to other resources that can help.

The first website that everyone should know about who is looking into the subject of identity theft is the Federal Trade Commission government website. The Federal Trade Commission is one of the government departments you will need to contact in the case of identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission offers a number of identity theft resources such as their Deter, Detect, Defend Brochure in PDF format; “Take Charge: Fighting Back against Identity Theft”; “What to do if your personal information has been compromised”; a test on identity theft; as well as links to various other identity theft resources.

The Department of Treasury government website also has information on identity theft and links to identity theft resources. These resources are divided into sections including a DVD companion learning guide, documents on how to obtain credit reports; identity theft tips, forms and facts; Phishing and others.

The IRS website also has some information on identity theft and links to a couple of identity theft resources. It contains some information about what you can do to prevent identity theft, what you should do if you think you have been a victim of identity theft, and how your tax records are affected.

The US Department of Justice government website also has information on and links to identity theft resources. There is some information on identity theft – what it is, how to prevent identity theft, as well as what the Department is doing about it. In the section on what to do if you have become a victim there are links and contact details of different resources as well as other links in a separate section under government and non-government resources.

A number of state specific government websites also offer identity theft resources and you can use the search engines to find websites for your specific state.

In conclusion, a number of government websites offer links to identity theft resources. The most important of these and the one quoted most often by the others is the Federal Trade Commission website. You can also find information under the Department of Treasury, IRS, and Department of Justice websites, as well as on state specific government websites.

You can also find more information on Identity Theft Software and Identity Theft Statistics. is a comprehensive resource to find how to secure your ID.