Overview of Biometric Security Systems For Businesses and Homes

People generally make use of keys to lock their offices and homes. This is a manual process that can anytime be tracked and perhaps duplicated by unauthorized users, thieves, etc. and can ultimately lead to significant  loss. To remove the fear of unauthorized access and major threat to personal and private information, biometric security systems are an important option.

Some of the basic considerations for biometric security systems:

1. Permanence: The records captured through biometrics in the form of fingerprint scans, voice recognition, etc. are permanent and cannot be deleted without the owner's choice. The records are permanently stored and saved in the database.

2. Collectivity: It becomes quite easy to collect the records of hundreds of employees in the organization as records are automatically generated in the form of excel sheet. It saves a lot of time.

3. Performance: It is better in terms of performance as different techniques are used in this system thus leading to high levels of security.

4. Flexibility: It is flexible in nature as it is less prone to errors and provides correct and accurate information.

There are also different types of biometric equipments such as Iris Scanner and Recognition, DNA Biometrics System, Veins Recognition, Fingerprint Scanner and Reader, Facial Recognition Detector, Voice Recognition and many more.

Advantages of Biometric Security System

1. Individual Identification: The individual identification of the person is one of the most important things in one's life. If we talk in terms of biometric security systems, there cannot be any duplicate identification of the user as with the invention of this new technology, the chances of making duplicate identification becomes nearly zero.

2. Data and User Information remains secure: With this technology, there is no point that any of the unauthorized users can access the information of legal users. The chances of attacking by unauthorized users is less as there is no need for people to remember long passwords and can scan their body parts (iris, fingers, veins, etc.) with the device.

3. Less Investment and Free from Fraud: With this emerging technology, there are minimal chances of data being stolen or lost. Also it requires less funding and is also easy to install.

4. Saves time: This process has become one of the accurate processes in terms of identification of an individual. The user identification is accepted or rejected within seconds. It saves a lot of time and is preferred over other traditional security methods.

5. Generation of Reports: Through the device, the reports of all the people in the organization can be generated in a quick time. For most of the devices, there is no such software required for the generation of the reports. One has to just plug-in the pen-drive or data cable and the reports are automatically generated.

Some Disadvantages of Biometric Security Systems

1. The fingerprint recognition device most of times does not work when the fingers are wet. For example: Rain is going on outside and the user is completely wet. It prevents the user to enter in an organization with wet finger scan.

2. There are many new and modern technologies such as Iris recognition, DNA Biometric System, Voice Recognition that require a large amount of data-base. This factor prevents some of the organizations to use those devices as these equipments and devices are very expensive.

Biometric Security Systems provides solutions for the security in a more sophisticated manner and can be a boon in combination with other technologies that will help remove fraud and waste completely.

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